Wednesday, October 7, 2009

One More Nobel Prize to India

Dr Ramakrishnan, accepted as "Venki" to his colleagues, became the thirteenth alone Nobel champ from Cambridge University's Laboratory of Molecular Biology (LMB) aback he was accustomed the award.

The LMB has a affluent accurate history, counting amid its alumni above prize-winners Francis Crick and Jim Watson, who apparent the DNA bifold braid in 1953, and backstab Nobel Award-winning champ Fred Sanger (1958 and 1980).

Dr Ramakrishnan's analysis into ribosomes, structures central beef that transform DNA coding into concrete reality, apparent the LMB's aboriginal success aback 2002, aback John Sulston, Sydney Brenner and Robert Horovitz won the accolade for analysis or medicine.

His assignment has been acclimated to advance fresh antibiotics which annihilate bacilli by blocking their ribosomes, while befitting the patient's ribosomes intact.

He was awarded the award-winning forth with Ada Yorath of the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel and Thomas Steitz of Yale University, who additionally fabricated important discoveries in the aforementioned field.

Dr Ramakrishnan, who is an Indian-born American citizen, acclaimed his achievement at the LMB bygone with a albino affair organised by a artisan who has been throwing Nobel parties aback the 1950s.

Dr Richard Henderson, a above administrator who still works at the LMB, told The Independent: "I bethink already advancing aback to the lab afterwards Fred Sanger won his additional Nobel [in 1980]. It was 7.30pm and there were at atomic a hundred bodies in the canteen - and Fred was the alone being still standing."

Other LMB award-winning winners are John Walker (1997), Georges Köhler and César Milstein (1984), Aaron Klug (1982), Max Perutz and John Kendrew (1962).

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