Saturday, October 10, 2009

Eagle gets Nobel Prize for Peace

Hours afterwards actuality awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, US President Barack Obama accumulated his war board in the White House to altercate the eight-year Afghanistan battle that aggressive commanders are acute him to escalate.

On the aforementioned day in the Pakistani burghal of Peshawar, a massive suicide car bomb ripped through a arranged exchange killing at atomic 49 bodies in a arena aggress by Taliban attacks.

The bang larboard broiled corpses broadcast in a arcade breadth in the city's capital Khyber bazaar, with cars bargain to afire accident and a colourful burghal bus destroyed.

It was the sixth bombing in Peshawar in four months and comes as the Pakistani Taliban vowed to access attacks to avenge the killing of their leader, Baitullah Mehsud, in a US bombinate bang in August.

The bombing was a abrupt admonition of the problems Mr Obama faces in the arena in his fresh role as all-around peacemaker.

In the White House, the President and his aegis admiral heard top aggressive admiral accomplish their case for tens of bags added troops to ambition al-Qaeda in Afghanistan. The affair apparent the aboriginal time Mr Obama has questioned his close amphitheater accurately about troop levels bare to action a war that has languished in advance and popularity. A decision, though, was not in the offing.